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X Series


Feature 1Advanced Rangefinder design


Die Cast Magnesium for both the Top and Front Covers

Die cast magnesium is used for both the top and front covers to ensure a solid, rigid body that remains lightweight at just 350g*.
The grip, which is shaped to fit perfectly in your hand, helps to deliver high image quality and impeccable overall performance.

LCD Monitor Clearly Displays both Images and Information

The LCD monitor features approximately 1.04M-dots. Both images and shooting information are clearly displayed and easy to see, even in dark scenes. Scratch-resistant reinforced glass provides excellent visibility and reduces reflections.

Priority Was Given to the Operation of the Metal Dials

The shutter speed and exposure compensation dials are milled from a metal block. As a result, they're comfortable to use, easy to grip, perfectly torqued and operate with a reassuring "click."

Two Color Options Are Available

Silver, with a sophisticated design and textures that stand out, and black, an unobtrusive color that is perfect for street images, general snaps and reportage work.

New Grip Enhances Operability

The grip enhances mobility to match the rangefinder design, delivering a firm hold and quick dial operation even when holding one-handed.

Function Buttons for Fast Operation

Seven function buttons are arranged in the easiest-to-use positions so you can configure settings intuitively and quickly, even while looking through the finder.

Made in Japan

The mark of high quality.
"MADE IN JAPAN" shows that exacting standards have been used from design to production to maximize performance and deliver high quality images.


Dials Offer Intuitive Operation

The shutter speed dial and exposure compensation dial can be changed with the right hand while holding the camera and adjusting the lens aperture with the left hand. Through the combination of settings on the shutter speed dial and aperture ring, Program (P), Shutter Speed Priority (S), Aperture Priority (A) and Manual (M) modes can easily be selected. In addition, fine exposure control is possible with a compensation range of up to ±3.0EV in 1/3 EV steps.

Combine the dial and ring to choose your exposure mode

Quick Menu Customization and Seven Function Buttons

Pressing the Quick Menu Button allows the user to display and edit 16 shooting options, such as ISO sensitivity and Film Simulation. In addition, the seven function buttons can be used to quickly make setting changes.

Switch to Full Auto at the Press of a Button

The camera automatically recognizes scenes from 58 different options before selecting the optimal shooting settings. As the focus mode is also set to Auto in this Full Auto mode, it's ideal for those times when you just want to shoot freely and not worry about missing anything. It is also possible to set your favorite scene using the camera menu.


  • · Sample photos are simulated images.
  • * Weight including battery and memory card.

A Closer Look

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Advanced rangefinder design
Engage with your subject and capture pictures your way